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What is ASTM A403 WP316L fittings?

ASTM A403 WP316L fittings constitute higher percentage of chromium and are corrosion resistant against chloride ion stress cracking.

The product ASTM A403 WP316L elbow are efficient in working under high pressure

These are covered in ASME B16.9 and B16.28 standards

ASTM A403 WP316L stub ends which have excellent toughness offering stress rupture and higher creep properties.

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astm a403 wp316l fittings

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ASTM A403 WP316L Fittings

ASTM A403 WP316L Fittings

SA 403 WP 316l elbow

SA 403 WP 316l elbow

Sa403 gr wp316l tee

Sa403 gr wp316l tee

What are the benefits of using ASTM A403 WP316L fittings?

ASTM A403 WP316L concentric reducer fittings are utilized for high pressure applications.

These are excellent corrosion resistant fittings for piping systems especially against chlorine ion rich solutions.

ASTM A403 WP316L eccentric reducer can withstand high pressure tolerance hence can be utilized in the architectural railings.

These have excellent oxidation and corrosion resistant property and hence are extensively utilized food and beverages industries.

The low carbon in the ASTM A403 WP316L seamless fittings provide great resistance against post-weld graining.

Check thickness requirement & heat resistance of Astm a403 gr wp316l eccentric reducer according to pipe size and material

ASTM A403 WP316L fittings specification

Astm a403 wp316l fittings specification

We offer a wide range of Astm a 403 wp 316l stub end and concentric reducer to meet the needs of variety of industries.

Various types of SA 403 WP 316L welded fittings

Astm a403 wp316l elbow

Astm a403 wp316l elbow

  • 45 degree
  • 90 degree
  • 180 degree

A403 wp316l reducer

A403 wp316l reducer

  • Concentric
  • Eccentric

Wp316l buttweld fittings

Wp316l buttweld fittings

  • Sch 10
  • Sch 40

Sa 403 gr wp 316l stub end

Sa 403 gr wp 316l stub end

  • EN 10204/3.1
  • EN 10204/3.2
  • NACE MR0175

Astm a403 gr wp316l cap

Astm a403 gr wp316l cap

  • Flattening Test
  • Micro and Macro Test
  • Flaring Test
  • Pitting Resistance Test

ASME SA403 wp 316l tee

ASME SA403 wp 316l tee

  • 1/8” NB TO 48” NB
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ASTM A403 gr WP316L buttweld fittings chemical and mechanical properties

Astm a403 wp316l fittings material properties

What is ASTM A403 WP316L fitting types?

Elbows- these are extensively utilized in piping networks for changing the direction of pipe in different angles as required by the system. ASTM A403 WP316L buttweld elbows comes with various angular forms which includes 22.50, 45O, 900 and 1800elbows.

Tees- ASTM A403 WP316L pipe tees are placed at the intersection of two pipes, joins them allowing proper efficient flow of gas and fluids.

Stub end- this fitting is utilized in industries to connect pipes together along with a lap joint or backing flange and used for sealing both pipe ends ensuring secure closure.

Pipe cap- ASTM A403 WP316L end cap used to air tight seal the pipes or different system to prevent any leakage.

Reducers- these are used to change the diameter of pipes by reducing nominal bore from bigger to smaller.

What is the different testing or inspection requirements ASTM A403 WP316L fittings?

Eddy current testing- this method of testing involves electromagnetic induction application to detect the ASTM A403 WP316L welded fittings surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials.

Radiography- this technique uses x-ray as electromagnetic wave to detect any defects in the material searching for holes, cracks, slag and thickness.

Ultrasonic- this testing comprises passing of sound waves on the ASTM A403 WP316L tube elbows to detect internal flaws.

We ensure high quality industrial standards products with well tested certificates.

What are different forging methods for ASTM A403 WP316L fittings?

Hammering- this technique involves hammering and bending the material in specific desirable ASTM A403 WP316L buttweld fitting shapes.

Rolling- this method used to give the arc and curve to the materials

Hot extrusion method-this technique involves heating of the material and then through die forming the desirable product.

Cold forming-making the material under its respective recrystallization temperature passing through the die and forming the desired material with specific shapes.

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