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What is Stainless Steel 304L Flanges?

304L Stainless Steel Flange have excellent high temperature application hence it is widely utilized in the petrochemical, oil, gas and chemical processing industries.

These have outstanding corrosion resistant property.

SS 304L Lap joint flange are very strong and work efficient under high pressure operations.

The have good oxidation resistant against harsh chemicals can be utilized in extreme environmental conditions.

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stainless steel 304l flanges

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Stainless Steel 304L Flanges

Stainless Steel 304L Flanges

UNS S30403 weld neck flange

UNS S30403 weld neck flange

AISI 304L blind flange

AISI 304L blind flange

How do you properly inspect stainless still 304L Flanges for defects and damage before installation?

Listed down below are the following measures you can take to properly inspect DIN 1.4307 pipe flanges for defects and damages:

You can use visual inspection a dimensional inspection for detecting any mechanical flaws of the material.

Eliminate the dirt and contaminants that are present on the surface of stainless steel 304L Threaded flange.

Properly analyse and verify the specifications as well as dimensions of the material.

Use non-destructive testing to detect thickness quality and internal flaws of the stainless steel 304L expander flange.

To find surface and sub-surface damage you can use magnetic particle testing.

For checking the hardness and strength of the material you apply hardness test.

Stainless Steel 304L Plate flange and slip on flange is available in various surface finish

Stainless Steel 304L Flanges Specification

Stainless steel 304l flanges specification

View online dimensions and pressure rating of DIN 1.4307 Pipe Flanges and socket weld flange

AISI 304L flange types

Stainless Steel 304L blind flange

Stainless Steel 304L blind flange

  • Stock Finish
  • Smooth Finish

DIN 1.4307 slip on flange

DIN 1.4307 slip on flange

  • Size range: 1/2 to 24 inch

UNS S30403 weld neck flange

UNS S30403 weld neck flange

  • WNRF
  • Weld neck raised face

SUS 304L forged flange

SUS 304L forged flange

  • Cl 150
  • Cl 300
  • Cl 600

AISI 304L rtj flange

AISI 304L rtj flange

  • Impact testing
  • Microscope
  • Dye penetrate test

304L SS socket weld flange

304L SS socket weld flange

  • Lap joint
  • Male and female
  • Tongue and groove

SS 304l flange price list

SIZE Saudi Riyal USD Nigerian Naira Qatari Riyal
1/2″ #150 slip on flange 10.43 SAR $3.00 2,400.00 NGN 11.43 QAR
1/2″ #300 slip on flange 15.00 SAR $4.31 3,450.00 NGN 16.43 QAR
1/2″ #600 slip on flange 22.83 SAR $6.56 5,250.00 NGN 25.00 QAR

Check latest price list of stainless steel 304l flange

Get 100% x-ray test report with UNS S30403 forged and spectacle blind flange

Stainless Steel 304L Plate flange chemcial and mechanical properties

Stainless steel 304 flanges material properties

Class 150 SS 304 slip on flanges dimensions

Ss 304l slip on flanges dimensions

What is the maximum pressure and temperature rating for 304L Stainless Steel Flange?

The maximum pressure and temperature ratings depends on the size, material type and class of that flange.

Stainless steel 304L plate flange can withstand temperature up to 8000F and have pressure rating of 150 psi.

With pressure rating of 150 psi 304L SS Pipe Flanges can work efficient at temperatures up to 8000F.

Stainless steel socket weld flange has maximum pressure rating of 2500 psi and temperature rating of 10000F.

What are the different types of 304L SS Flanges connections?

There are different types of stainless steel 304L pipe fittings:

SS 304L blind flange- used for secure closure and sealing of the pipe end for holding the compounds present within the system safely and also it is utilized in the piping systems which are frequently need to be inspected or cleaned.

SS 304L weld neck flange- this material has long neck which is welded to the pipe and it is used to provide a strong leak-proof connection.

SS 304L slip on flange- easy to install and are usually slipped on the pipe which provide strength to the pipes to withstand high pressure.

What are different types of corrosion that can affect UNS S30403 socket weld flanges?

There are several types of corrosion that can affect UNS S30403 socket weld flange:

Pitting corrosion- happens in the presence of chloride ions such as in seawater applications.

Uniform corrosion- this occurs due to acids, salts and other oxidising agents present in the environment.

Stress-corrosion cracking- in this corrosion cracks are developed on the surface and can lead to failure of the operations.