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A Complete Guide to SMO 254

Are you experiencing any issue when to use SMO 254? or Are you looking for a new solution? Do you need any support for SMO 254? Then, you are at the correct place to get a complete guide to SMO 254. Here is a complete guide to SMO 254, that helps you to get all relevant details

Introduction to SMO 254
SMO 254 is a high alloy stainless steel which is manufactured to use in seawater and other aggressive chloride-bearing media. The alloy is electro slag remelted that provides a cleaner material free from segregations. However, the grade of the steel is defined by

  • It has a high resistance to stress corrosion cracking.
  • It has better weldability than other alloys.

Standards of SMO 254

  • UNS: S31254
  • EN number 1.4547
  • SS 2378

Product standards are as mentioned below, which have to keep in mind when looking for SMO 254 Product 

  • EN 10088-3
  • It is also suitable for manufacturing of flanges, etc., which is as per the ASTM A182 Grade F44.
  • Certificate status is based on EN 10 204.3.1.
  • Fittings: ASTM A182

Supply Forms of Steel: The steel is supplied in different forms which are based on various parameters are mentioned below:

1) Sizes and tolerances : SMO 254 is available in different sizes such as round-cornered square, round billets, etc. In wide range.

2) Surface conditions of steel:

  • Square billets: It requires underground, spot ground or fully ground surface for square billets sized SMO 254.
  • Round billets: This kind of SMO 254 requires peel turned or black condition.

Approvals of SMO 254:

  • SMO 254 is available in the form of seamless pipe is approved by the Americal Society of Mechanical Engineers for use as per the rules and regulations by ASME boiler and pressure vessel code section VIII.
  • Moreover, SMO 254 is not approved for UNS S31254 in the type of seamless tube. However, it is allowed to go through the design values for seamless pipe.
  • It is also approved with the standardization of NACE MR 0175.

Why We?

  • We understand that every industry is not the same. Considering all the requirements of an industry, we offer the SMO 254 in all available forms.
  • Whether it is of different size, we provide a customized size that will not hamper the user’s business and can get profit from it only.
  • Besides size and different, you will get many more benefits from our team, such as 24/7 service with full-grown technical transportation by assuring the best performance and smooth operations. To beat the advanced world or its steel products, we always keep upgrading our equipment and technologies. If you want to hire a cost-effective guide for your SMO 254 service, contact us today.

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