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What is Nickel Alloy Flanges?

Nickel alloy flanges are strongly resistance to harsh environment, moist air and steam.

These deliver excellent strength even during high temperature.

The materials are thermally stable and Nickel flanges work efficiently under extreme pressure conditions also.

Outstanding mechanical properties of these flanges offer high ductility and longevity to the system.

Ni weld neck flange manufacturer in India

nickel alloy flanges

Where to find trusted manufacturers of Nickel Alloy Flanges in Inda?

K.K. Industries are reliable and most trusted Nickel alloy flange manufacturers in India.

We cater you proficient and best quality products with different custom sizes to meet your requirements.

The Nickel alloy weld neck flange are 100% radiography and ultrasonic tested.

We offer a variety of Nickel slip on flange that are specifically designed for high-pressure applications.

Nickel Alloy Flanges

Nickel Alloy Flanges

Ni weld neck flange

Ni weld neck flange

Nickel slip on flange

Nickel slip on flange

What are the advantages of using Nickel alloy flanges?

High nickel alloy threaded flange has excellent oxidation resistance property hence extensively used in the marine industries.

They also protect against crevice, pitting and stress corrosion cracking resistance.

Nickel alloy orifice flange possess good ease of welding applications.

You can rely on our Nickel alloy weld neck flange price list to provide transparent and accurate pricing information.

Nickel alloy flanges Specification

Nickel alloy flanges specification

We can ship High nickel alloy threaded flange within 8 to 10 days in Middle East contries

Nickel flange types

Ni socket weld flange

Ni socket weld flange

  • Cold Water Finish
  • Spiral Serrated
  • Concentric Serrated

Nickel slip on flange

Nickel slip on flange

  • Impact testing
  • Microscope
  • Dye penetrate test

High nickel blind flange

High nickel blind flange

  • Size range: 1/2 to 24 inch

Nickel alloy weld neck flange

Nickel alloy weld neck flange

  • Cl 150
  • Cl 300
  • Cl 600

Pure nickel rtj flange

Pure nickel rtj flange

  • PN25
  • PN40

High nickel alloy forged flange

High nickel alloy forged flange

  • Flat face
  • Raised face
  • Ring joint
We have a wide selection of High nickel rtj flange in various sizes and dimensions to ensure you find the right fit for your needs.

Ni weld neck flange chemcial and mechanical properties

Nickel alloy flanges material properties

Nickel alloy flanges facing finish imperfections

Nickel flanges facing finish

What is the creep resistance of High Nickel RTJ flange?

High Nickel RTJ flange have nickel composition which provides outstanding creep resistance.

They form an oxide layer on its surface that helps to prevent the material from deformation at elevated temperatures and loads.

How hardness test is it performed on Nickel alloy flanges?

This hardness test performed on Nickel alloy weld neck flange using a Rockwell or Vickers hardness tester.

This testing technique involves a weight or load given to the surface of the flange by the tester to measure the depth of the obtained indentation to analyse the hardness of the material.

The hardness test ensures that Nickel blind flange are strong and durable.

What is the maximum allowable pressure for Nickel slip on flange?

The range of maximum allowable pressure for Nickel slip on flange depends on different industrial variables which includes flange size, temperature and material composition.

The pressure range can be calculated by formulas and considering different variables as well as factors.

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