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What is Monel K500 Flanges?

Monel K500 flanges provide excellent durability, stability and toughness to the system. These have outstanding high temperature application making them efficient to be utilized in petrochemical, oi, gas and chemical processes industries. Monel K500 plate flanges are strongly resistant to corrosion and harsh environment. The flanges have spark resistant and non- magnetic to 2000F.

The materials exhibit good electrical conductivity WNR 2.4375 Reducing flange are used in various hot, cold and marine applications. The flange possesses excellent thermal properties. Monel K500 Socket weld flange are utilized as high-performance alloys due to their erosion resistant property.

Nickel K500 blind flange manufacturer in India

monel k500 flanges

Where to find prominent manufactures of Monel K500 fittings in India?

K.K. Industries are one of the leading and most trusted Monel K500 flange manufacturers in India.

We provide industry standard materials with 100% radiography and ultrasonic tested certificates.

Get in touch with us for the updated price list of Alloy K500 slip on Flange in Mumbai.

Monel K500 flanges

Monel K500 flanges

Nickel K500 blind flange

Nickel K500 blind flange

Alloy K500 slip on Flange

Alloy K500 slip on Flange

Can Alloy K500 Slip on Flanges be customized as per specific requirements?

Monel K500 slip on flanges can be easily customised as per your requirements.

These can be transformed into various design, size, dimension, material quality and surface finishing.

We offer you best quality materials with different custom sizes.

We ensure high quality of Wnr 2.4375 orifice flange and Nickel K500 Socket weld flange through ultrasonic and X-ray testing.

Monel K500 flanges Specification

Monel k500 flanges specification

As a leading exporter, we provide Nickel Alloy K500 Forged Flanges to various Middle Eastern countries.

Alloy K500 flange types

Monel K500 blind flange

Monel K500 blind flange

  • PN6
  • PN10
  • PN16

Alloy K500  slip on flange

Alloy K500 slip on flange

  • Cold Water Finish
  • Spiral Serrated
  • Concentric Serrated

Wnr 2.4375 forged flange

Wnr 2.4375 forged flange

  • Cl 150
  • Cl 300
  • Cl 600

Nickel K500 weld neck flange

Nickel K500 weld neck flange

  • Class 900
  • Class 1500
  • Class 2500

Monel K500 socket weld flange

Monel K500 socket weld flange

  • Size range: 1/2 to 24 inch

Nickel Alloy K500 rtj flange

Nickel Alloy K500 rtj flange

  • ASME B16.5
  • ANSI B16.5
  • ASME B16.47
  • ANSI B16.47
Request a free sample of Monel K500 weld neck flange and Wnr 2.4375 Reducing Flange before placing a large order.

Nickel K500 blind flange chemcial and mechanical properties

monel k500 flanges material properties

Monel k500 threaded flange dimensions

monel k500 threaded flange dimensions

How are Monel K500 Blind Flange prepared for destructive testing?

Monel K500 blind flange are obtained from destructive testing which involves various specific process such as cleaning, grinding and polishing of the selected metal followed by cutting of that material and further polishing of a test specimen.

This testing ensures quality of the material with respect to its mechanical properties and dimensions.

What factors affect the cost Monel K500 flange?

There are various different parameters that can affect the pricing of the Monel K500 weld neck flange which includes material manufacturing process, material requirements and availability, chemical composition, size and labour.

The Price goes up for premium Monel k500 Ring Joint flanges materials. The cost is also determined by other physical factors which involves production methods, industrial standard testing, quality control measures and expensive machinery.

What are the common surface treatments applied to Alloy K500 Flanges?

There are two different industrial standard surface treatments that are applied to K500 forged flanges:

Electro polishing- this technique implies dissolving of the material and removing outer layer from the surface of the material using an electric current to obtain smooth surface and well-polished Monel K500 forged flanges.

Passivation- in this method the contaminants or deposition on the surface of the metal are removed through this chemical treatment solution which includes nitric acid and other oxidising agents forming an oxide firm layer on the surface of the Monel K500 Expander Flange material making it excellent resistant against corrosion.

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