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What is Monel 400 flange?

A flange which is cost efficient and affordable, by also prohibiting excellent resistive properties is alloy 400 flange. It is made up of high percentage of nickel content which provides them great tensile strength.

Adding to this, it resembles similarity to the characteristics of nickel 200 series. This means that they are not ideal for use case when exposed to temperature conditions above 6000F, or else it may result in the graphite formation.

Leading Alloy 400 slip on flange manufacturer in India

monel 400 flanges

Where can one find leading Alloy 400 slip on flange manufacturer in India?

No need to worry as to where can you get the best alloy 400 slip on flange under the grade Monel 400, as we at K.K. Industries assure only quality products. We also make sure that the product is chosen as per the needs and standards that is set by you.

For wide range of industries, we are the recommended and mostly demanded leading Monel 400 flange manufacturers in India as this time. This is because our products are genuine and for each product, we supply testing certificate to our end users.

We also quote reasonable pricing. But this depends on the demands that are set by you.

Explore our extensive range of Wnr 2.4360 Reducing Flange available in Mumbai.

Monel 400 flanges

Monel 400 flanges

Alloy 400 slip on flange

Alloy 400 slip on flange

Wnr 2.4360 Reducing Flange

Wnr 2.4360 Reducing Flange

What are some other designations or equivalents to Monel 400 flange?

When we are taking about nickel alloy 400 forged flanges, this flange has mainly below equivalents:

  • ASME SB564
  • UNS N04400

As an exporter, we provide high-quality Nickel Alloy 400 Forged Flanges in compliance with ASME B16.5 standards.

Monel 400 flanges Specification

Monel 400 flanges specification

Our Monel 400 Blind Flange and DIN 2.4360 Swrf Flange undergo Eddy Current Testing and Visual Inspection as per customer specifications.

Wnr 2.4360 forged flanges types

Monel 400 blind flange

Monel 400 blind flange

  • BLRF
  • Blind raised face

Alloy 400  slip on flange

Alloy 400 slip on flange

  • Class 900
  • Class 1500
  • Class 2500

Nickel Alloy 400 weld neck flange

Nickel Alloy 400 weld neck flange

  • Stock Finish
  • Smooth Finish

Wnr 2.4360 forged flange

Wnr 2.4360 forged flange

  • Flat face
  • Raised face
  • Ring joint

Monel 400 rtj flange

Monel 400 rtj flange

  • 150#
  • 300#
  • 600#

Nickel 400 socket weld flange

Nickel 400 socket weld flange

  • SWRF
  • Socket weld raised face
We offer a wide selection of Monel 400 weld neck flange and DIN 2.4360 Reducing Flange with pressure rating from Class 150 to Class 2500

monel 400 flanges material properties
monel 400 threaded flanges dimensions

What are the advantages of using WNR 2.4360 Reducing Flange in seawater applications?

Although it offers unique characteristics, WNR 2.4360 reducing flange offer advantageous properties when comparing with other graded alloys.

Because they exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion under seawater for a long period of time and withstand elevated temperatures till 10000F, this makes it to be an idea use case in seawater applications.

They are also a solution to waters which comprise hydrofluoric acids in high concentrations.

How are Alloy 400 Flanges tested for quality assurance?

It is very important for us to understand that for ensuring quality testing, Monel 400 blind flange are tested on various parameters. Considering quality assurance, below are 4 major testing that are conducted:

  • Non Destructive Testing: this is considered to be a common testing method for quality assurance, where we test Monel 400 pipe flanges.
  • Eddy-current testing: in order to detect defects, we perform this test for a flange.
  • Ultrasonic testing: Just like eddy-current testing, it detects defects, but it makes use of sound waves for this purpose. Monel 400 socket weld flange is also used to measure thickness.
  • Radiograph testing: under this test, we pass gamma radiations and then with a receiver, it is gathered at the opposite side. This is done to check out for any defects or irregularity and the density of DIN 2.4360 SWRF flange.

What is the types Monel 400 alloy flange?

This flange is available in variety types, and below are some of them:

  • Industries such as marine, petroleum and chemical processing make use of Monel 400 weld neck flange to make sure that no hindrances occur in their day-to-day use case.
  • In industries, where temperature conditions of more than 10000F is a necessity, then class 150 Monel 400 RTJ flange is a right choice for you.
  • Nickel 400 socket weld flanges: this flange type is mainly used for oil and gas industries.

There are other types of flanges that are available, which you can check out for at our website so that you can be clear with which flange you are opting to choose for, as per your needs and standards.

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