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What is ASTM B564 Flange?

ASME SB564 weld neck flange Have excellent strength and corrosion resistance applications.

The flange possesses outstanding high temperature working properties.

SB564 RTJ flange are widely used in the oi, gas and petrochemical industries.

The flanges are suitable and efficient in working under high pressure and harsh environmental conditions.

These materials exhibit good oxidation resistance hence ASME SB564 Threaded flanges extensively used in the chemical industries as well.

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astm b564 flange

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ASTM B564 Flange

ASTM B564 Flange

ASME SB564 weld neck flange

ASME SB564 weld neck flange

B564 socket weld flange

B564 socket weld flange

What are the common manufacturing processes used for ASTM B564 flanges?

There are four different manufacturing methods used for ASTM B564 Flange:

Machining- this technique involves removing material from a pre- formed item to achieve the required shape and size of B564 pipe flange.

Forging- this manufacturing method implies to apply pressure on the hot chuck of the selected material to shape the flange.

Surface treatment- this process is utilized to improve the corrosion resistance property of the ASTM B564 reducer.

Heat treatment- provides the material with high durability and robustness.

We conduct both destructive and non-destructive tests on ASME SB564 Flange and slip on flange to ensure their quality and durability.

ASTM B564 Flange Specification

Astm b564 flange specification

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ASME SB564 forged flange types

ASTM B564 slip on flange

ASTM B564 slip on flange

  • Class 150
  • Class 300
  • Class 600

ASME SB564 blind flange

ASME SB564 blind flange

  • Size range: 1/2 to 24 inch

B564 weld neck flange

B564 weld neck flange

  • WNRF
  • Weld neck raised face

SB564 socket weld flange

SB564 socket weld flange

  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Surface roughness tester
  • Hardness testing

ASTM B564 forged flange

ASTM B564 forged flange

  • Class 900
  • Class 1500
  • Class 2500

ASME SB564 rtj flange

ASME SB564 rtj flange

  • Stock Finish
  • Smooth Finish
Make sure to check the dimensions and pressure ratings of ASTM B564 blind flange and forged flanges before making your purchase.

ASME SB564 flange weight chart

ASME SB564 flanges weight chart

What are the testing and inspection procedures for ASME SB564 flanges?

There are several industry level testing and inspection for ASME SB564 weld neck flange which includes:

Visual inspection- this method is widely used to detect surface defects such as pitting or cracks.

Dimensional inspection- this process makes sure that the ASME SB564 plate flange meets with the required tolerances and dimensions.

Then there is non-destructive testing which includes radiography and ultrasonic which is used to detect thickness and internal flaws or damage of the ASME SB564 Lap joint flange.

Hydrostatic- this testing is used check the leak-tightness and strength of the flange.

Does salt water corrode ASME SB564 orifice Flange?

No, B564 socket orifice flange has excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance properties.

These even display strong resistance to harsh chemicals and acids.

What is the function of the ASTM B564 Slip on flange in the pipeline?

These are utilized in the pipeline operations to connect two pipes.

ASTM B564 Slip on flange is slipped on the pipes end and strongly welded onto that place to make leak-proof tight connection.

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