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What is ASTM B366 WP20CB Fittings?

ASTM B366 WP20CB Fittings have excellent oxidation properties under harsh environment conditions.

These have chemical composition of chromium, copper, nickel and molybdenum and are corrosion resistant.

ASME SB366 WP20CB stub end is utilized in the high temperature and pressure applications.

They are made from different production methods which includes heat treatment, forging, heat treatment, etc.

We are a trusted WP20CB tee manufacturer in India

astm b366 wp20cb fittings

How to find prominent manufacturers of B366 WP20CB elbow?

We K.K. Industries are one of leading and most credible ASTM B366 WP20CB Fittings manufactures in India.

We offer you best quality products at reasonable prices in different custom sizes.

Receive a 100% radiography test report with every purchase of ASME SB366 WP20CB stub end

ASTM B366 WP20CB Fittings

ASTM B366 WP20CB Fittings

WP20CB tee

WP20CB tee

ASME SB366 WP20CB stub end

ASME SB366 WP20CB stub end

What is the purpose of intergranular corrosion testing on ASME SB366 WP20CB equal tee?

Intergranular corrosion testing is a type of quality control testing used to measure ASME SB366 WP20CB equal tee for its applications against corrosion, at elevated temperatures and in acidic solutions.

This test prevents the materials from premature failures from different chemical makeups.

The technique is used to detect the materials susceptibility towards intragranular damage and indicate whether the material is resistant against cracking or pitting corrosion.

To obtain a price list for WP20CB buttweld fittings, please contact our sales team.

Specification of ASTM B366 WP20CB Fittings

Astm b366 wp20cb fittings specification

We are a reputable exporter of ASME SB366 WP20CB equal tee, serving clients worldwide.

ASME SB366 WP20CB buttweld fittings types

ASTM B366 WP20CB cap

ASTM B366 WP20CB cap

  • EN 10204/3.1
  • EN 10204/3.2
  • NACE MR0175

ASME SB366 WP20CB tee

ASME SB366 WP20CB tee

  • Hot Dipped Galvanizing
  • Epoxy & FBE Coating
  • Electro Polish

B366 WP20CB stub end

B366 WP20CB stub end

  • Schedule 80
  • Schedule 120
  • Schedule 160

B366 Grade WP20CB buttweld fittings

B366 Grade WP20CB buttweld fittings

  • Sch 10
  • Sch 40

WP20CB reducer

WP20CB reducer

  • Concentric
  • Eccentric

ASTM B366 WP20CB elbow

ASTM B366 WP20CB elbow

  • 1D
  • 2D
  • 5D
Our B366 Grade WP20CB reducing elbow and concentric reducer is packaged according to international exporting standards for safe transportation.

WP20CB reducing elbow dimensions

Astm b366 wp20cb reducing elbow dimensions

What are the most common applications for B366 Grade WP20CB Pipe Cap?

B366 Grade WP20CB Pipe Cap are utilized in the heavy oil refineries due to high temperature application.

Provide longevity the system against harsh chemicals and prevent material degradation.

The caps are coated with anti-rust oiling and zinc plated, hence utilized in the marine and water piping networks as well.

Ensure secure sealing of the pipes or system to prevent any leakage.

What are advantages of WP20CB fittings?

WP20CB buttweld fittings are Very friendly in installation and easy to disassemble.

Ensure proper system stability.

The material B366 WP20CB Elbow Gives optimum performance even at high temperatures.

Provides leak-proof and secure fittings.

How to ensure quality and credibility of WP20CB concentric reducer?

We are one of the most trusted industries providing you WP20CB concentric reducer with 100% radiography, ultrasonic and other industrial standard testing certificates.

These testing methods are used to detect flaws and damages present in the material.

The materials also goes through destructive testing which includes hardening and fracture method that makes sure that the mechanical and chemical properties of the material are correct.

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